Web Design / Development
Web Design / Development

I create bespoke websites for individuals and businesses

I use mainly WordPress but can just as easily use Joomla or Drupal or other cms

I often write custom code to make themes and plugins to make a cms do what I want it to do


I can host your websites too. even on my bespoke Home Web Server. you’re on it now ūüôā

Photo Editing
Photo Editing

I can edit and manipulate photos and images using Photoshop,

Lightroom and other editing tools

Photo restorations, image enhancements and touchups


Feel free to get in touch for more information

Computer Repair Service
Computer Repair Service

I build custom computer systems for business use and high-end rigs for gaming.

I repair service upgrade computers, laptops and other tech.


Please feel free to get in touch for a quote.

Welcome to Freelance Geek


Hi, I’m Mark and if you didn’t already know I’m a geek and I¬†know how to do lots of geeky IT related things. I’m¬†49 years old and have lifelong¬†knowledge¬†of computers and the internet, I have built and maintained¬†computers for a very long time, I have built websites for a long time, this domain, for example, is¬†16 years old.

Page still under construction, please¬†bear with me ūüôā

Latest Projects

Some of the Websites and other things I have designed
Budin.ga Hosting
A website I did for Myself This is websites explains the hosting that I can do from hosting on my fully reliable self-hosted home server and...
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Demo’s By MarkNHewitt
This is my demo's website. I use it to test build client websites and try new theme code and plugins  
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A website I did for Lee Hewitt Design's (my brother's company) This is on the Complete Design and Hosting Package as he didn't want to...
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Centurion Garage
New Website under development for a new client Centurion Garage, Dunholme Watch it Develop @ https://demo.marknhewitt.co.uk/centurion/ Will eventually replace the website @ http://www.centurion-garage.co.uk/
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JDC Plumbing & Tiling
New website for a client just under development for a plumbing and tiling business watch it develope @ https://demo.marknhewitt.co.uk/joe-williams Final URL TBA  
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Community Website for the for Bikers of Lincolnshire. This website was built in 2012, for myself. It is an ongoing project This project includes a...
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